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​What Is An Advanced Practice Provider, Or APP?

The advanced practice provider is a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or clinical nurse specialist. They have completed advanced college education (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate level) followed by state and national certification exams. They are qualified to work in partnership with our physicians to provide you with the most personalized, comprehensive, and highest quality health care. The APP can listen to your concerns, perform the appropriate exams, order specialized tests, and diagnose and treat a wide range of health care problems. They also have the authority to write many of the prescriptions that you may require. HTPN is committed to providing you access to health care services when and where you need them. Therefore, you will see many of our APP team members in the clinics as
well as in the hospital. This expanded team approach allows us to offer you a wide range of services in an efficient manner without having to sacrifice the quality you have come to expect from Misspelled WordHealthTexas Provider Network. It is with great pleasure that we continue to serve you, your family and our community. We thank you for making Misspelled WordHealthTexas Provider Network your choice for health care services. 

Expediting Your Health Care Needs

Your APP is fully qualified to provide many health care services including:

• Take medical history
• Complete physical exams
• Order and interpret lab tests and X-rays
• Make diagnoses
• Treat acute and chronic illnesses and injuries
• Manage many chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and respiratory disease
• Assist in surgery
• Provide immunizations
• Prescribe many medications
• Administer certain types of therapy in office
• Well-woman, well-child exams
• Perform in-office procedures including sutures, casts and skin biopsies
• Counsel you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
• Update your medical record

Benefits For You and Your Family

The APP works in partnership with our physician staff in the clinics and hospitals. This allows you greater access to your Misspelled WordHealthTexas team, including:

• Flexible appointment scheduling. We have been able to expand the hours of operation of many of our clinics to include evening and weekend services to provide the care you need, when you need it.
• Personalized, comprehensive, quality health care. Your APP will be performing a thorough assessment and will develop a plan of care designed to meet your specific needs. Your APP can also help you navigate the health care system and coordinate specialized services that you may need. The APP has an additional focus on health promotion and disease prevention and can help guide you and your family in making healthy lifestyle choices.